What’s the business impact of unified analytics, data science, and business process automation in a single, end-to-end platform?

This comprehensive report from IDC quantifies ROI across revenue, cost savings, efficiency gains, and worker upskilling across seven very different organizations. These organizations reported:

  • A substantial increase in the velocity with which they can deliver insights to the business
  • Improved business performance, bolstered by data- and analytics-driven decision-making
  • An exponential increase in the efficiency and productivity of data and analytics teams

Get the full IDC whitepaper and discover how these organizations achieved an average of $116 million in annual value, a three-year ROI of 605%, and a breakeven in just 11 months.


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“The value of Alteryx APA relates to three areas for us: First, it cuts down the time we spend getting our work done; Second, it puts people in the position to deliver more value, whether it's a deeper analysis or more insightful analysis; Third, we see it as a risk management tool for our data environment.”

— Alteryx Customer