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Improve Care With Qlik

The Qlik platform empowers healthcare workers across the entire organization. More than 1500 healthcare providers rely on Qlik solutions to deliver insight to the right people at the right time, enabling transformation across clinical processes, finance and the workforce.

Transforming Healthcare With Analytics

Qlik solutions for Healthcare help organizations uncover bottlenecks, remove unnecessary clinical variation, and drive improvements in patient care by combining complex data sources to gain insights that would otherwise go unseen.


Demo: Patient Costing and Clinical Variation

This application has been developed from demo data taken from patient records, finance and operational healthcare systems. The app enables us to see physicians cost profiles and drill down to individual patient level and the resources which were used to treat those patients. The behavior tab allows us to select individual procedures (by DRG) and see the cost and length of stay variation between clinicians.



Demo: Hospital Readmissions

The hospital readmission reduction dashboard is designed to monitor and manage the readmissions of patients in the Medicare program. Medicare readmissions priority to 30 days post discharge for the same diagnosis will result in payment reductions to the hospital.