Public Sector

Deliver quick, visible results to citizens through better service and transparency

Federal Government

Access vast amounts of data and discover insights in minutes -- not weeks or months. Drive better decision-making in your agency by gaining the insights needed to improve transparency, reduce costs, and meet your mission.

Defense and Security

Ensure readiness and mission-effectiveness while improving efficiency and reducing costs. Analyze intelligence at a global, national or local level. Streamline facility costs and improve inventory management. Meet your mission.


Government Healthcare

Modernize health records. Consolidate and integrate medical information from multiple sources into a single view. Increase overall quality of care and patient satisfaction while lowering costs.


State and Local Government

Improve citizen services and transparency. Streamline the procurement process, reduce fraud, waste and abuse, and enhance public safety and emergency response time.



Improve student performance. Track student achievement over time. Measure teacher and curriculum effectiveness to close achievement gaps, and eliminate chronic low performance. Track student lifecycles, better target fundraising efforts, and improve operating costs.