Thrive in an expanding digital world by leverage information to your competitive advantage

Media and Entertainment

Use your valuable media assets to capitalize business opportunities. Gain holistic business visibility across all channels. Improve revenue and customer loyalty. Increase customer lifetime value and preserve margin. Grow your competitive advantage in TV, mobile, internet and print.


Create a competitive advantage with compelling customer experience analytics. Extend customer lifetime value. Use agile analytics to quickly adapt to changing market demands. Transform key business processes, coordinate marketing, deliver convergent services, up sell, cross sell and enhance customer relationships.


Demo: Customer Experience Analytics

This application analyses Customer Experience using the global Net Promoter Score (NPS) standard along with a range of further metrics. NPS can be a very challenging KPI when used in isolation, as it has limited diagnostic properties on its own. To address this, we correlate NPS with a number of other KPI's to help various business users to readily identify areas where NPS can be improved.


Demo: Telecom Customer Retention

Great customer experience will help to retain customers, improve advocacy and reduce acquisition costs. But analysing customer experience can be a real challenge for many organisations, often with departments focusing on different priorities. In this customer experience analytics app, we showcase a range of techniques designed to improve departmental collaboration, generating insights to improve customer experience at each stage of the lifecycle - ultimately to increase customer lifetime value.