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Velocity has been working with Universities in Hong Kong to significantly transform the way they work by enabling new ways to engage current and prospective students, increase student enrolment, improve student retention and completion rates, and even boost faculty productivity and research.

Student Lifecycle

Universities are challenged with leveraging information from many different sources into one platform for advanced data analysis, with the end goal of successful students on and off campus. Download the brochure below to see how Velocity have been helping Universities in Hong Kong drill down and understand the characteristics and relationships of a Universities Applicants through to Alumni.



Student Number Planning

Higher Education institutions have procedures established around data governance and data collection. Student number planners encounter a challenging task with their implementing systems and administrative processes of the enrolment of their students. Evaluating the departments performance can become difficult if the university does not properly manage their key performance indicators such as student-to-staff ratio, percentage of incoming/outgoing exchange students, student diversity, etc. This can become a major issue fiscally and logistically. A reliable and trustworthy software must be implemented to solve these issues as this will drastically result with the university meeting their potential to ensure the correct allocation of their academic departments. Read the use case on how Velocity supported Hong Kong Polytechnic University to achieve their business challenges with Alteryx.



Automate UGC Expense Reports

The University Grants Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong requires for UGC-funded universities to submit the expenses report, sub-categorized by each department. Often, piecing together this report requires a substantial amount of manual efforts and needs to be completed every month. Contact Velocity to hear about how we can help you automate this report to give you back the time for more business critical activities.


Predictive Analytics – Student Modelling

A team in the Institutional Research and Planning Office (IRPO). Reporting to the provost, his team consolidates large volumes of data from various internal and external sources and provides analytics for senior management to better understand how the university is performing against key measures and to make strategic decisions about growing the institution. The team is now identifying factors related to student progress and use them to predict outcomes.


Recruitment & Retention

With the increasing costs, changes in financial circumstances, and other factors, it becomes vital that the universities ensure that their student retention rate is low and retaining new students. The main challenge revolves around developing data processes that can measure whether the student is a suitable fit as well as identifying whether those students are likely to drop out. By developing a data-informed approach, universities can find solutions to enhance financial aid in a way that is mutually beneficial towards the institution and students.



League Table Analysis

The demand for real-time analytics on academic quality has played a pivotal role with higher education institutions to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the university ranking systems with its competitors. It can become challenging to understand where the institution is ranked in comparison to its competitors based on different metrics. Metrics such as teaching quality, student-staff ratio, student experience, applications, offers made, offers accepted and many others can be difficult to track. Acquiring a platform that can visualize and track performance metrics of the university will improve these metrics that will result in attracting more applicants and leading your institution ahead of its competition.



Students ― Supercharge Your Studies

No matter your field of study, data science and analytics is your passport to career and academic success. Every company has data. Jobs that require skills in data science and analytics are set to increase 30-percent by this year across every industry ― and 40% of companies can’t find the talent. The fact is, there’s an incredible opportunity to get skilled up, and stand out with analytics no matter what your degree. Get in touch to hear about the various ways we can help!

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Are you looking to teach the latest data science and analytics technology in your classroom. You are helping students gain one of the hottest, most in-demand skill sets for employers and we’re here to help. Add modern cutting edge data analytic solutions to your curriculum!


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