Health Check Assessment


What we cover in our Health Check Assessments


We review your current architecture which covers servers, storage, compliance, security, updates and checking if there are any problems or upgrades that are required to be performed, both from a software and hardware perspective.

Platform Usage

By reviewing application logs, server logs and associated metrics we provide you an understanding as to what, when and who is using the system and are you getting the best value and ROI.


We focus on best practice based on our extensive experience implementing, supporting and scaling platform solutions across APAC. We provide recommendations for what can be improved or optimized for best results.


Who will perform the Health Check?

The Health Check is performed by a senior consultant, either in your office or remotely where required.

The consultant will be experienced and certified to a high level with your product or platform.

The consultant will be responsible to provide the final review and assessment and recommendations in the report.

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