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  1. What are the system requirements for installing QlikView  /  Qlik Sense or Alteryx?


  1. Where can I find the installation package for Qlik Sense or Alteryx Designer?


  1. How can I check my version of QlikView or Qlik Sense?

QlikView Desktop: Help => About QlikView

QlikView Server: Go to QMC=> System => About

Qlik Sense Desktop: Click on the '…' in the top right corner => About

Qlik Sense Server: Go to Qlik Sense Server=> Click on the '…' in the top right corner => About


  1. I cannot access Qlik Management Console (QMC) / Qlik Sense Hub / QlikView Access Point, what can I do?

Make sure all the Qlik-related services are up and running. If not, try to restart all the Qlik-related services in the server. If the issue persists, try a fresh restart of the server. If it is a newly installed machine, make sure the ports used for communication have been opened and not blocked by firewall.


  1. What ports are needed for server communications?


  1. Where can I find the logs for further investigation?

QlikView Server: The default log directory is in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer

Qlik Sense Server: The default log directory is in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log


  1. Where can I find application and system logs to supplement my findings in #6?

Click 'Start', point to 'Programs', point to 'Administrative' Tools', and then click 'Event' 'Viewer'.

In the console tree, click 'Application Log/System Log'. Save the log by right-clicking on 'Application Log/System Log', and click 'Save All Events As'.


  1. The behavior of the QlikView / Qlik Sense application is different in desktop and server, what is happening?

Make sure the QlikView/Qlik Sense Desktop and QlikView/Qlik Sense Server are in same version, if not, charts might have different behaviors based on the version difference.


  1. What can I do to debug when my reloading of script failed in Qlik?

You can go to the application log (QlikView, located right next to the application) or the script log (Qlik Sense, by default located in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log\Script) and look for the error you encountered in script.


  1. Why does the layout/chart contain different amount of data when viewed in different computers?

It is likely because session access (Data-level security) has been applied. Users can only view data that is entitled to their assigned role.


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