Cloud Data Platform


A Data Platform Built for the Cloud

Traditional data platforms and big data solutions are supposed to be hugely helpful for data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, or any other business or technology professionals. However, said solutions fail to resolve issues in efficiency, flexibility, scale limits, and ease of use.

That’s where Velocity’s partnership with Snowflake can help. Our offering lets you take advantage of a unique and innovative data platform that was custom-built for the cloud. Everything you need is centralized in a patented architecture — data pipelines, data warehousing, data lakes, data application development, and data exchange build-outs. This means you can securely share critical data in a powerful software-as-a-service that doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

Free trial

Try Snowflake free for 30 days and experience the cloud data platform that helps eliminate the complexity, cost, and constraints inherent with other solutions. Available on all three major clouds, Snowflake supports a wide range of workloads, such as data warehousing, data lakes, and data science.

Snowflake delivers:

  • One platform, one copy of data, many workloads
  • Secure and governed access to all data
  • Near-unlimited performance and scale
  • Near-zero maintenance, as a service

Snowflakes Cloud Architecture Scales Modern Data Analytics

Whether you’re in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment, Snowflake’s cloud data platform allows for mixing and matching cloud infrastructures so there are no limits in flexibility and scalability. Available globally on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake uses a common and interchangeable code base. This means you can replicate data to any cloud anywhere in the world, using any programming language you already know, and without the need to re-configure your apps.

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Data Warehousing

No matter how massive the workload can get, Snowflake has the capacity of a multi-cluster, shared data architecture for it. Additionally, it also lets you:

  • Enjoy unparalleled performance, scalability, and concurrency for data warehousing
  • Easily work with your data lake and build robust data pipelines to streamline data engineering
  • Seamless integration to Python, R, and Apache Spark™ for simpler and faster data science processes
  • Discover a new revenue stream using the Snowflake Data Exchange

If you’re a developer who only requires a platform to build and run your solutions, Snowflake also provides infrastructure and engine ready for use.

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Robust End-To-End Data Pipelines

Regardless of where your business data is from — traditional or next-gen sources — Snowflake can support it without requiring complex re-processing and substitution. The platform features patented technology that efficiently and flexibly optimizes structured and semi-structured data such as JSON, Avro, or XML for SQL.

Built for the Cloud

Snowflake is custom-built for the cloud. The platform provides unmatched flexibility and efficiency that can’t be delivered by conventional cloud-migrated platforms. Learn more about our patented approach in the video.

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